Smart Link Radio Network

Smart-Link Radio is a long range, two way, radio network that receives alarm radio signals and directs them to any cooperating Central Station and/or Fire Department in the U.S.

Smart-Link Radio is a primary and back up radio system that is meant to make certain that your alarm signal gets through to your central station even if someone cuts your phone line or the phone system is out of service for any reason. Smart-Link uses only current U. L. listed 864 edition 9, AES 7705i receivers which are leading edge technology as well as U. L. listed radios for Fire and commercial burglary applications.

Smart-Link Radio acts as a primary or redundant means of communication that ensures alarm signals will be received by a Central Station and/or Fire Department even when phone lines are disabled, tampered with, or unavailable.

Smart-Link Radio signals are extremely quick and will consistently be received at the Central Station and/or Fire Department in advance of traditional telephony, cellular, and VoIP transmitted signals.

Here's how it works:

Illustration of the multiple / redundant routing of the Smart-Link Radio /AES-IntelliNet system. Distant subscribers use other units to relay their messages to the central station. Message routing is optimized dynamically, adapting automatically to system changes.

Plus, we have multiple (IPs) in the field that are continually connected to our servers. This allows distant radios to talk to us without having to make a large number of jumps back to our servers. For example, a radio in Florida or California could talk to us as fast as the one across the street. Speed is critical, especially in fire conditions.




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